All plants PLANTED by Sugar Run Nursery come with a complimentary LIMITED WARRANTY FOR ONE PLANTING SEASON.

We guarantee that our plants are healthy when sold and will continue growing if properly cared for. Success with your new plants is tied directly to the amount of care it is given. Plants will be replaced one time only. We cannot be responsible for plant failure due to lack of water, excess water, fire, frost, wind, cold, salt, vandalism, extremes in weather, or any other reasons beyond our control. Sugar Run Nursery does not warranty plants that did not survive due to drowning or desiccation. No guarantee applies in the transplanting of the customer’s plants.

The guarantee is void if:

-Payment is not made in full within the terms of the original agreement.

-Purchaser has not notified Sugar Run Nursery of unusual or abnormal conditions of growth (e.g, no leaves, leaves dropping, bark cracks, insects, etc.).

-Plants die due to gross negligence (e.g., failure to water regularly (more often during warmer temperatures – refer to Watering Instructions for more information), physical damage such as from mowers, weed eaters, cars, etc.)

-Plants are damaged or killed due to acts of nature such as extreme weather, lightning, drought, frost, ice storms, and or/ floods, etc.

-Plants are killed due to human or wildlife/animal damage.

Guarantee does not include any labor charges. Labor will be charged each time we plant. Guarantee is not transferable and does not cover further care or maintenance of the plant. Customer must have original receipt/invoice for replacement credit.

If any plant fails to continue growing after being properly planted, fertilized and watered, we will issue you a credit for the full original price of the plant, within 3 months of the planting date. If you have concern about your plant, contact us for an evaluation of the conditions and we will help you with a plan for proper care or replacement. Sugar Run Nursery assumes no other liabilities beyond the cost of the plant material. The buyer is responsible for planting costs and labor to replace the plant. The warranty does not apply if your account is not current.

*Warranty Exclusions

Rhododendrons, Perennials, Roses, Japanese Maples, Non-hardy plants